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At this point the mother begins to use aggressive and threatening language that demonstrates the transparency of her intentions behind her disingenuous meltdown on this day.

At point A, she persists in asking for the child’s whereabouts when TJ’s location is fully known to her.

At point B, she claims she “does not want the cops to be involved,” a bizarre threat considering she has explicitly stated three times that the cops are already involved, going so far as to allege  that police had already been dispatched to the father’s residence.

At point C, the mother’s tactics become deliberately confusing, or perhaps she can no longer keep up with the litany of threats she has made against the father. Two minutes after claiming she “doesn’t want the cops to be involved,” she has switched back to implying they already are and that “we” need assurances that the child is safe. Once again, she had been supplied with valid proof of TJ’s safety multiple times. She then levies her most direct threat yet, that “they” are asking when the father’s return flight is. It would be quite stunning to deport a traveler for simply turning off a cell phone inside a movie theater. She then reverts to claiming that she does not want “to involve them.” Which is it? Are the police inquiring as to the father’s travel plans, or are they not involved at all yet?


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