Exposing the Plight of Children Denied Access to Their Loving Parents

Countless Children Are Held Apart From Loving Parents

This site is dedicated to Tomu “TJ” Kutsukake, a boy now living in Japan with his Japanese mother, forbidden all contact with his American father since July 30, 2022. The hope is to shed light on children like TJ around the world who are at this very moment forbidden all contact with one loving parent by the other. Countless children abducted by one parent or simply denied contact with the other by virtue of arcane and/or corrupt legal systems suffer in silence every day.

Even some first world nations choose not to enforce international law, specifically the Hague Abduction Convention to which there are 101 Contracting States, including Japan. Japan is perhaps the most notable of all convention partners in terms of its blatant disregard for the treaty. The nation of Japan refuses to honor its participation in the international convention by deliberately offering no legal mechanisms for enforcement. A Hague ruling in favor of an aggrieved parent is nothing more than a verdict to be ignored by the Japanese Government.

Domestic and international child abduction, denial of legal visitation rights and parental alienation destroy the lives of parents and children alike.

Every day without you is tough, TJ. I miss all the little things - hearing you laugh, talking with you, just having you around. It's hard not having you here. You're such a big part of my life, and things don't feel right when you're gone. I can't wait to see you again, to hear

Dear followers WHOSE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED & exposed to #parentalalienation we're putting on the 1st #conference 4 adult survivors on Oct 10th & 11th in #Florida. We r reading out the names of children who've been taken. Send me a dm if u want yr child's photo & name added

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