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It is not until point A that the mother confesses it will take her a total of 45 minutes to return to her home, the location that she has been repeatedly informed was the father and child’s destination, where at this point they are now forced to wait on her arrival.

At point B the father calls out the hypocrisy in her behavior towards him, as she had known to return to her home long before this point. The father acts graciously here, as two hours and 18 minutes have elapsed since the mother was first informed that he and the child were heading for her residence. 52 minutes have elapsed since she acknowledged that they were already present outside her home.

Many questions emerge at this point of the exchange. What exactly was the mother doing up until this point? Any claims of ignorance of their location or the father’s intentions are clearly dubious, if not plainly dishonest. If she did not want to involve the police as claimed, then why did she remain at the station? Moreover, why was her car 15 minutes away from the station? What was the actual purpose of her alleged concerns, considering that she first raised concerns hours before the agreed upon drop-off time?


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