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A: In a transparent attempt to maintain her false sense of outrage, the mother lectures the father for finding a bathroom for the child at a neighbor’s residence. To recap, the child cannot use his own bathroom because the mother has arbitrarily refused to return home despite knowing that is where the father and child would be, and furthermore she has insisted that the child should be forced to “pee in a bush” instead. Yet by her estimation, the father is being “disruptive… once again.”

B: Another bizarre tactic. The mother implies the father is not properly feeding the child, despite the fact that 19 minutes earlier the father had mentioned that he had picked up a chocolate cake for her and fruit for the child.

C: And now we return to using the police as a threatening cudgel. Despite “not wanting to involve them” but also weirdly enough despite having been at a station for four hours at this point, the mother claims that only now is she actually filing a police report. Her reasons are based on criminally falsified information – the father has been in communication and has brought the child to a “safe place,” specifically her own home. She then either lies about when she first sent the police out to look for the child, or in fact she had involved the police before she had ever even once attempted to contact the father.


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