Closing Thoughts


     It is perhaps no surprise that these events immediately presaged the mother absconding with the child and cutting off all parental contact with the father, exploiting the willful systemic failure of Japanese authorities to enforce the Hague Abduction Convention to which they are treaty partners. At the very least, this documentation sheds immediate light on why the mother dramatically overreacted by raising groundless concerns, sought to manufacture evidence to justify involvement of the Japanese police, and ultimately feigned overwrought desperation without demonstrable reason. It appears the mother is attempting to fabricate evidence that would justify her intentional alienation of the father and child, an effort compounded by the fact that she presently collects a considerable sum through child support via the California court system. If international child support law has been observed in this situation, then surely the Hague Abduction Convention applies as well; and based on the application of this convention, the mother’s actions meet all criteria of an international parental child abduction.


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