The following is a procedural appraisal and deconstruction of events occurring on July 30th, 2022 in Japan as documented in a series of text messages between TJ’s mother and father. The order, timing, and contents of all texts and images have been preserved and unaltered in every respect. This deconstruction is offered to illustrate what is at the very least a paranoid delusional meltdown on the part of TJ’s biological mother, but more likely a willful manipulation of events, with the intention of emotionally blackmailing her own son and his biological father. Her histrionic text messages reveal a self-serving distortion of reality, painting herself as both victim and savior, while traumatizing her son through her deranged efforts and conducting psychological warfare against his father. She ultimately threatens and terrorizes TJ’s father by needlessly involving the police, escalating the situation without any semblance of just cause. It is this final point that is most worrisome, as the father is not a Japanese citizen and is at considerable risk of unwarranted investigatory and legal difficulties due to language barriers and the dire lack of equitable representation in international Japanese custody disputes.

      The mother’s calculated engagement of Japanese police must be considered an extralegal attempt to abolish an established custody agreement that was already heavily prejudiced against the father, who nevertheless remains the child’s only stable financial provider. Her actions documented here precede immediate cessation of all contact with the father, based solely on the evidence presented here. The matter takes on an even more sinister light when considering that the mother has exploited TJ as a hostage of sorts in order to extract child support from the father she is intentionally estranging from her son, all through court order of the State of California. To be sure, the mother is currently manipulating Japanese custody law as a Japanese citizen while simultaneously petitioning the state of California for monetary awards, hinging entirely on false claims.

     The evidence here shows this case escalating well beyond a mere custody dispute into the realm of abduction as defined by the Hague Abduction Convention, a treaty signed by both Japan and the United States. The heinous nature of the case is evidenced by the mother’s unwarranted involvement of Japanese police, manipulating authorities as a brutal bullying tactic, even as she maintains her false residency in California to collect domestic child support. The mother is violating the father’s custody rights on an international level, while simultaneously misrepresenting herself to the American court system to a degree that is arguably criminal.

     TJ is an American citizen, but he was born in Japan and his mother prevents him from setting foot on American soil so as to further estrange her son from his father. While the mother managed to establish residency in California in 2016, she fails all residency tests as established under state guidelines. She has no known intentions of ever returning to California, but remains a California citizen who can reap the benefits of child support under U.S. family law, even as she violates U.S. custody laws. It is almost certain she has failed to pay taxes on income taxable by the State of California, going as far back as 2016.

     These are all important facts to consider while following this investigation into the events of July 30th, 2022:


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