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Here the mother can be seen voicing rapidly escalating and likely performative concerns, implying that the father has failed to convey the child to Kumon class for some unknown nefarious purpose.

In block A, six minutes elapse before the mother begins using excessive punctuation (in this case, four question marks) to demonstrate panic. She has also already begun to involve outside parties.

In block B, the mother admits that she assumes the father’s phone is merely turned off but would like for him to contact him “if” he “can” – and yet immediately thereafter, before one minute has elapsed, she reveals that she has already escalated the situation to police involvement. The grand total of elapsed time, from the mother’s initial ‘concern’ to her at least claiming she has gone to the police, is a mere two hours and 34 minutes.

In reality there is no precedent for this panic, as the father has never taken any action not in favor of the child’s well-being. As documented in these pages, the father has taken his child to see “Lightyear” and was in a movie theater. Indeed, his cell phone is merely turned off, as is common courtesy while inside a theater.


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