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A: Given the undercurrent of manipulation in the mother’s tactics thus far, it is difficult to assess the truthfulness of her claim that police have arrived at her residence. The mother initially claimed she herself was at a police station but is now claiming that, one hour and 27 minutes later, the police have in fact been dispatched to the father’s house. Why? Based on what evidence? The child and father had been out of contact for just under three hours. There is no suggestion of foul play on this day or any day, or even that an accident had possibly occurred. What is the reasoning for going to the police in the first place, much less sending them to the father’s house – especially considering that the mother is fully aware at this point that neither the father nor the child are, in fact, at the father’s house? Once again, in what will become a motif throughout these pages, this is either the result of a wild overreaction or an open manipulation of events intended to falsely vilify the father.


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