The Claw

The two videos below were filmed by the father three days prior to the events of 7/30. Both severely belie the mother’s characterizations of the father per se and especially his relationship with TJ. They both function as yet more evidence that the mother’s depiction of reality on 7/30 is highly manipulated, if not outright tendentious nonsense.

In fact, there is some sober irony in the fact that while there are several instances of footage in which the mother is clearly alienating and intentionally distressing towards her son in ways that are at least suggestive of abuse, no such evidence exists to validate her deprecations of the father. The only such material negative to the father exists in the mother’s own head, expressed via her histrionics and vilifications. In other words, it appears the parent who is actually detrimental to TJ’s well being and who often relies on threats, lies and gamesmanship in order to get her way is, unfortunately, the parent who has maneuvered herself into full custody.

The first video shows the father and TJ at the zoo, watching a cheetah avoid the midday sun by lounging in his lair. The father jokes with his son that TJ would be tasty to the cheetah; TJ has a moment of childlike anxiety that he really might be eaten. The father promptly consoles TJ and insists he has nothing to worry about and that he will protect him, and the footage shows TJ being immediately reassured by his father’s protection. This footage quickly lays bare how preposterous it is to assert that TJ is somehow better off without his father’s support.

The second video is an inner monologue from the father that again proves not only is he wholly dedicated to protecting TJ with humor and resolve, he is actually waxing philosophic on the duty of fatherhood and how seriously he takes his role. These are not the reflections of a man who is in any way a ‘threat’ to TJ or who deserves police intervention to deprive him of contact from his own son.